Meet Letha Ratcliff, a versatile professional with a robust background as a Program Manager for the Navy/Airforce SA/DBA Team and an accomplished Medical Biller at Tackle Insurance. Letha brings a unique blend of managerial acumen, military expertise, and healthcare administration to her roles, making her a standout contributor in both domains.

As the Program Manager for the Navy/Airforce SA/DBA Team, Letha oversees and orchestrates complex projects with precision and efficiency. Her leadership in this critical role involves coordinating strategic initiatives, managing resources, and ensuring the seamless execution of programs that directly impact the Navy and Airforce SA/DBA Team.

In her concurrent role as a Medical Biller at Tackle Insurance, Letha applies her meticulous organizational skills to navigate the intricacies of healthcare financial processes. Her expertise in coding, billing, and claims management has been instrumental in optimizing revenue cycles and ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement for medical services.

Letha’s military background further enriches her skill set, bringing discipline, strategic thinking, and a results-oriented mindset to her professional endeavors. Her ability to manage multifaceted responsibilities in both military and healthcare settings reflects her adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Known for her collaborative approach, Letha fosters effective communication and synergy among diverse teams. Her leadership style emphasizes accountability, innovation, and a dedication to achieving objectives with precision and integrity.

With a background that seamlessly integrates military program management and healthcare finance, Letha Ratcliff stands as a testament to the power of a diverse skill set. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to thrive in dynamic environments make her an invaluable asset to both the defense sector and the healthcare industry.